1. Major Swearing > We allow you to curse on the server, but don't over do it. Sending like 1 bad word in a message is fine but sending like 5 in a message, it will get you kicked

2. Discriminatory or inappropriate chats > If you send a discriminatory message in chat, or a message a mod, admin, or me deems inappropriate, you will be muted, kicked, or banned, depending on what you sent.

3. Being Rude > Being rude to staff or other members is never OK on MineConomy, and you will be muted if you do this.

4. Trolling > If you are trolling in the MineConomy server, you will be muted. 5. Spamming > If you are spamming the chat, or using special characters to draw attention to your message, you will be muted.

6. Begging > If you are ever begging for something in chat, you will be muted.

7. Griefing > Even if the land is NOT CLAIMED, you are not aloud to add blocks to it, or remove blocks from it. If the owner of a build has been inactive for over a year and the build is not claimed, you can request it.

8. Stealing > Stealing items from a chest or any storage is never aloud, even if the chest is unclaimed, its not ok.

9. Joining the game with modifications > If you join the game with mods installed and you are caught, you will be banned.

10. Using a Hacked Client > If you ever join with a hacked client and are caught, you will be permanently banned.

11. Inappropriate Builds > If you build something that a mod, admin, or me deems inappropriate, you will be banned.

12. Inappropriate skins > Once again, if you join the MineConomy server with a Inappropriate skin on, you will be banned from the server.

13. Advertising > Don't post your servers IP address in the chat, or a link to your YouTube channel, no one likes it and you will be banned.

14. PVP Bypassing > Trying to kill someone with lava, or creating a pwarp that kills someone is not aloud.

15. Alt Accounts / Ban Evasion > Alt Accounts are not aloud, if you are ever caught using a alt, you could be permanently banned from the server. Also using a alt to evade a ban is not aloud. If you do this you will be permanently banned from MineConomy.

16. Trying to mod (or mini-modding) > You can remind someone of the rules if they are breaking them and they don't know it, but if you repeatedly do this, it will be considered mini modding and you will be muted.

17. Abusing Glitches > If you find a glitch don't abuse it for personal gain, you will be warned

17. Finally, No Loopholes > If you try to circumvent the rules to get your punishment dropped, it wont work, so don't do it.